Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Anniversary 2015 – Going Live this Saturday

It is here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our countdown has begun........
The St. Paul's Church Youth Ministry cordially invites you to her Anniversary;SPCB Youth2


We will be having a variety of activities to mark this day. Save the dates.

  1. We will literally Kick-off with a Football Match this Saturday. It promises to be entertaining and action packed. We will be having potential Eagle Team members display their skills on the turf.
  1. The following Sunday, we shall have a service at church after which we will chill, talk, eat and marvel at God's work in nature at the Lekki Conservation Park.
  1. Our weekly Tuesday prayer meeting comes up where we table our requests before God and also reach out to him in an atmosphere of worship.
  1. We will then visit those who have not had as many privileges as ourselves. A time to reflect on God's blessings on our lives and a time to make other people happy and bring the Christian faith to them
  1. To wrap it all up, we will have our Thanksgiving in Church and bring smiles to the faces of the elderly by visiting them.

Don't miss out and bring your friends along.